About Us

There is no doubt that the journey of a thousand miles begins with a step, and the journey of grandeur is made with an idea. Hence the ambitious start of the European tents company where we decided to move together with a clear goals, abbreviate a lot of effort and time in a work system characterized by creativity and uniqueness for you and in order to achieve your needs and aspirations to inform you Summit of excellence and innovative solutions, and contribute to the development of our precious country. European Tents Company was established in 1999 and is a majoring Saudi company in the field of all tents species, specializing in royal tents, concerts, events, international forums, home tents and trade exhibitions with multiple types of equipment and support services. The company has embarked on an honorable history of accomplishments by following a well-defined strategy, which aims to achieve a qualitative leap, which is a registered mark and its ultimate goal. Accurate global specifications and standards in terms of fire, rain, wind, weather, water insulation and sun rays are what the company has been doing to give all customers safety and become a trustworthy address.

Our team

General Administration :

Basically, It is an integrated leadership team working to develop the company’s policies and general trends to make it in the foreground in light of the market constant developments. moreover, it provides moral and material support to reach the primary goal of meeting the needs and satisfaction of customers.

Project management

The company are proud of its professional team to manage various projects at high speed and accuracy, in the required sizes and designs, with a professional technical team in the installation of tents for all kinds to deliver on time, also to committed providing comprehensive maintenance and direct follow-up with the supervision of the guaranteed and quality of work.


the sales

According to our faith, our clients are our success partners, the European tent company has created a sales department with a passion and enthusiasm to cooperate with customers and build a good and continuous relationship with them, through follow-up with the marketing team to meet the demands and care to solve all issues carefully then strengthen those relationships even after-sales.

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the design

Due of the target is to create creative designs to suit your taste, European tents company provided professional designers who able to develop and create unique solutions for the completion of commercial projects, special events, royal concerts, events and festivals with wonderful specifications and modern shape.



Our manufacturing team uses certified products and equipment in addition to extensive testing which is our foundation in manufacturing.


About Tents

Structure and outer cover

The frame of the tents is made of strong aluminum and is equipped for its resistance to wind and all difficult weather factors. The outer cover is made of PVC material that resists heat, fire and moisture, which does not allow light to penetrate the interior, and thus saves heat inside the tent, and it is also anti-rupture due to the texture of its fabric. It is also anti-ultraviolet, and thus maintains its external appearance over time. The PVC material is easy to clean and maintain. It is available in a basic white color that prevents the absorption of sunlight and thus maintains the internal temperature of the tent.

Tents properties